Arts of Collin County

"A collaborative, progressive spirit aimed at expanding the life experiences of young and old alike."
-- Dr. Rick Reedy

Arts of Collin County

where to trade binary options The Arts of Collin County was initiated by the mayors of the cities of Allen, Frisco, McKinney and Plano to explore the idea of an arts district supported by all four communities. This innovative concept will provide all of the communities of Collin County with access to access to a creative center with much more extensive facilities than any of the individual cities afford for its citizens.

The visual, literary and performing arts add vitality to a community, and have a profound economic impact as well. Corporations consider mod api download the quality of life when they search for new communities in which to expand their operations. The arts open our minds to new sights, sounds and ideas, providing inspiration for every facet of our daily lives.

Texas needs the arts, and the arts need and deserve the enthusiastic support of the public and private constituencies in the state. It is a win-win opportunity for every area, every ethnic and socioeconomic group, and every future generation of Texans. The economic rationale is only one of many reasons for this synergy. The arts are a vital part of our lives, our communities, our well-being, our economy, and our very social fabric. Our cultural arts and heritage define who we are as a people - and as Texans. We cannot afford to be less than our very best.

210 West McDermott Drive
Allen, TX 75013-2750 binary market trading